on a promise

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by Rebecca Tucker

acrylic on cradled panel

h: 60 w: 30 d: 3 (cms).

“I work towards evoking mood, memory, nostalgia and melancholy with the depiction of landscapes that are, at first glance, recognisable, but the viewer is taken on a journey from the representational end of the spectrum towards abstraction. “I enjoy the concept that essentially abstract marks on a two dimensional surface have the power to suggest a sense of place, to evoke a memory or emotion, to summon something familiar to our minds. I aim to suggest somewhere ‘other’, somewhere at once familiar and yet remarkable, that we can relate to but that we are open to being awed by. Whether that be an immense landscape or a quiet corner of our more immediate surroundings. “Materials are integral to my process, there is a level of experimentation and serendipity in every work. Using waterbased paints on wooden panel, incorporating the grain of the wood, I allow the paint to suggest the direction. Nothing is preordained, decisions are made as each painting progresses, and the format of working in layers of semi-translucent paint allows me to build up depth, utilising foreground and background in unconventional ways so as to again play with the viewers perception of the landscape they are connecting with.”


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