Three Friends, Barcelona

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by carmen havens

Oil on canvas

h: 70 w: 50 d: 1 (cms).

Working towards a more diverse representation of people in art, that’s my personal goal. I took a week last summer to explore Barcelona on my own, a solo trip, just to explore and observe people. I’ve painted several scenes from trips to Spain. I instantly know when I want to paint someone or a certain moment. These three grabbed my attention because I heard them speaking French, but noticed the FC Barcelona labels on the center figure’s clothing. The three are avid fans of FCB and make the trip to Barcelona on a regular basis for matches. I was drawn to their interactions with one another, the diversity amongst the trio (there was actually a fourth friend who didn’t want to be painted, later confirming he regretted that decision). They were so surprised someone was interested in painting them, maybe even more surprised that it was a blonde, middle-aged white woman. But those juxtapositions are what start conversations and breaks barriers.


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