Abandoned Sugar Cane Factory

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by arabella ross Arabella@arabellaross.com

Stoneware - Premium Craft crank. Fired to 1260 degrees Celsius

h: 42 w: 34 d: 35 (cms).

The surface quality of this sculpture expresses the experience of being in a disused industrial space. The cracks in the wall convey a sense of time passing. The coloured rust of the industrial girders gives weight to the structure. Imbued with the demise of an industry, the atmosphere I sought to embed in the clay is one of loss and presence. Industrial machinery and bygone Sugar factories fascinate me, “boiling houses” or “ingenious” as they were called. History permeates the fabric and structure of these once inhabited industries with their elements of deterioration, decay and social change. Some factories date back to 1640. When mixing my glazes I often spoon in the oxides and powders that will give me the richness I am seeking. I work intuitively making marks and textures by throwing the clay onto the ground, a process to create cracked stone walls, mud huts and bricks. Painting and mono printing onto clay is very important in creating imagery. Through using Japanese Shino, Chun and crawling glazes, I can achieve subtle uses of ceramic colour and texture combined with drawing and mono-printing onto smooth and cracked surfaces. Travels to India and Japan have influenced the natural, earthy qualities in my work.


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