'The Route is a Hobsons Choice,' she whispered.

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by louise dougherty BA (Hons) PGCE

Ink and Thread on Paper

h: 43 w: 30 d: 1 (cms).

Exploring the idea of 'Routes' of life choices and career paths. The Female choice is often limited and difficult to navigate-" 'The Route is a Hobson Choice' She whispered" offers three options, one will hinder others growth, one is not 'meant' for females and the only choice available is not going to be easy. The thread is disruption and invitation to the traditions of drawing, to change and evolve with possibility.


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'Entrenched and Traditional' She muttered.

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by louise dougherty BA (Hons) PGCE

Watercolour, Ink and Thread on Paper

h: 28 w: 21 d: 1 (cms).

A landscape that has tracks, routes and pathways that are deep and well worn can be easy to walk if you stay on your original choice. To change path invites possibility of a slip up or possibility of greater outcome. Mirroring female experience in the workplace this landscape asks us to question traditional roles and equality of experiences. The thread is a soft disruption of the pathway.

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