Shiver me Timbers

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by paula mitchell


h: 40 w: 41 d: 1 (cms).

'Shiver me Timbers'. On my walking, sketching, and painting exploration of the harbour near my home, there are some less typical marine environments. These areas are not just day trippers, but for people who call the harbour their home. After most people have left for the day, these places are tranquil and a special place to be. I imagine it is these times that first attracted people to set themselves up in these floating houses. An aspect of life that I enjoy personally is to 'make do and mend' and reduce what I throw away. If an object has come to its useful end for one job, then perhaps there is something else it can do. This is an ethos that I employ in my own outdoor spaces. It was both the tranquillity of this location and the myriad of objects that had been repurposed to serve a new role as part of these house boats that attracted me to depict the scene in this work. The main boat featured in this work made me laugh as it had a pirate flag hoisted above it. The person who lived there certainly had a sense of humour so 'Shiver me timbers' seemed a perfect title to reflect the scene and the cool evening temperature.


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